Mike Wise is a journalists, a sports radio announcer, and a jack of all trades.   I sat down with him last Thursday at WJFK studios in Fairfax, VA.   The discussion we had resignated in my head for a while after words.

The most important thing that i took away from the meeting was a story he told.   He was watching the Arsenial Hall show while sitting on his couch.   Eddie Murphy was a featured guest on the show.   Hall asked Murphy, “What was your back-up plan if you didn’t succeed in comedy.”   Eddie replied, “Back-up plan? I never had a back-up plan, as far as I am concerned a back-up plan is setting yourself up for failure.   You do what you have a passion to do, and you just do it.”

That resignated with me because i have never looked at my life that way.   My whole life i was striving for greatness but at the same time i was constructing a back-up plan in case i failed.   I suppose if i put the energy that was used to create my back-up plan into my dreams that i may be closer.  Lucky for me i am still young and have plenty of time to achieve greatness.   However, after hearing this i have stopped thinking about playing if safe and creating a back-up plan.

Another story that Mike Wise told was about his experiences with Shaquille O’Neil.   Because he focused on his dream of writing he placed himself among a distingueshed group of writers.   In fact, Shaq had asked him to write a book with him.   When the book was finished Shaq took him on a hunting trip in his helicopter.   They had a great time and Mike had a hell of an experience.

I wish some day i could tell a story that is remotely close to this one.   The meeting was very eye-opening and inspirational.   The main thing i took away from this meeting is to go a hundred percent into your dreams.

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