Jeff Zillgitt met with my sports journalism class on Tuesday, March 29.

Jeff Zillgitt is an NBA beat reporter for USA Today.

Jeff Zillgitt on Frank DeFord

  • When he was around 20 years old he would spend hours reading Frank DeFord’s stories.  Most other people his age were out partying and socializing but Jeff could not tare himself away from the pages.
  • He wanted to write just like Frank DeFord.
  • “Your not going to be as good as your favorite writer” Jeff Stated.  “Just because your not gonna be frank doesn’t mean you wont find your place, it is up to you to find your place.”
  • He fond out what he could do well and It is possible frank couldn’t write about the NBA.   In Jeff’s job he has to turn out copy all the time.   Frank would sometimes spend a couple months on his stories.   Also Frank didn’t have to worry about twitter or some on-line blog.

A New Age in Journalism

  • College students today are in the heart of the new age of journalism
  • “I’m fairly chained to my phone, the digital age has made things very accessible.  I tweet from my phone and my e-mail is on my phone, it gets to be a little much.” Says Jeff.
  • You don’t want to miss a story, your gonna get beat you might not break every story but you don’t want to miss a story.
  • It never hurts to use the phone and call some people, it is a good way to gain some credibility.
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