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It’s Groundhog day again, but instead of Washington Redskins fans focusing on a furry little brown creature we are focusing on a different hog.

Dan Snyder is reportedly sueing the Washington Post and wants one of its writers to be fired. The article that enraged Snyder supposedly stated false information about him that said he was caught forging names as a telemarketer at Snyder communications. The article then proceeded to state that Snyder’s wife Tanya was out on local television trying to sell a new image for Dan Snyder.

The irony of this story is that if Dan Snyder had just let it go then it would have never been talked about in this magnitude. That leads me to believe that this article hit a nerve with Snyder. I still am undecided on this story as to who is wrong. I am curious as to what my readers think. If anyone has any more interesting information on this story let me know.

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