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Happy Gilmore is the greatest sports movie of all time.   Happy is a hockey player who is down on his luck.   After being cut by a local Hockey team and his girlfriend leaving him he discovers that his grandmothers house is being taken away from here because she didn’t pay her taxes.

She didn’t pay here taxes because she simply didn’t have any money.   This unfortunate turn of events makes Happy realize he had to do something to get his grandmother’s house back.   Happy didn’t have a normal childhood.   He didn’t grow up with his mom and dad.   All he had was his grandmother and she always took care of him.

He knew he had to do something to save his grandmother’s beloved house but he didn’t know what.   As a couple of movers are taking his grandmother’s furniture out of the house they decided to take a break.   On this break the two workers decided to hit a couple of golf balls down the street with an old set of golf clubs.   Happy then asked them to continue working but instead the two workers decided to make a bet with Happy.   The bet was simple.   If Happy hit a golf ball farther than one of the workers than he would win twenty bucks.   If he didn’t then he would lose twenty bucks.

Happy grabbed the golf club as if it was a hockey stick.   In a magical slow motion moment Happy crushes a golf ball over 400 yards and wins the movers money.   While holding the money Happy gets an idea on how to save his grandmother’s house.

He then goes to a local driving range and attempts to hustle people and win money.   His plan was working.   He was crushing people at the driving range.   All of these long distance drives caught the attention of a mysterious golf trainer with a wooden hand named Chubbs.   Chubbs was an ex-golf legend until an alligator bit his hand off.   After this even he gave up his dreams at golf and decided to teach people how to play golf.

Chubbs convinces Happy to join the PGA tour to make money.   Happy had a rough start on a couple of his first golf events but eventually was strating to develop into a dominate golf player.   He gained alot of attention from the crowds because of his hilarious antics on the golf course.

Shooter Mcgavin is the number 1 golfer on the PGA tour and he becomes threatened by Happy’s growing popularity.   In an attempt to get Happy Gilmore off the PGA tour Shooter decides to buy Happy’s grandmother’s house.   He offers to give Happy the house if he leaves the tour.   After Happy realizes how wrong that was of shooter he makes a wager with him.   This wager puts both golfers skills against eachother.   The wager was if Happy beats Shooter than he would get his grandmother’s house back and he would be able to stay on the PGA tour.   If he loses than he doesn’t get the house and he has to leave the tour.   The stakes were high.

Half way throught the match Shooter begins to get scared so he calls in some reinforcements.   His plan was to hit Happy with a car driven by an astranged fan.   His plan turns out to be successful.   Happy struggles with his swing after the accident and almost gives up.   After the struggling he remembers the traing that Chubbs gave him.   He mustars up some courage and beats Shooter in the end.

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