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As a Redskins fan i am worried about the state of the Quarteback position in Washington. We have too many options open right now to not see advances in the upcoming seasons.

One of those options is we stay with Rex Grossman at quarterback until he disappoints the redskins fans or hopefully retires as a redskin.  And when i say retire i say it with the best possible intentions.   I would want nothing more than for Rex Grossman to go down as an all-time redskin great and when many super bowls here, in Washington. After all he did take the Chicago Bears to a super bowl and they almost upset the Indiannapolis Colts.

Back to reality, I do realize that this is probably not a safe bet to make considering most fans in Washington want to see Rex go.   He started in the last four games of the redskins season last year and in a couple of those games he put up some really good numbers.   However, turnovers seemed to pouring out of him left and right in other games.   Either way, every game Rex played in the redskins were fighting and competing for the win.

Rex should stay in Washington.   In fact, he should start next season for the redskins.   He has drive and he knows what it takes to make it to the super bowl; a quality that most redskins have not even touched.   Don’t forget about the Shanahan boys on the side-lines calling the plays.   Those boys seem to favor Rex over any other quarterback on the team.   They like his aggresion and his ability to move down the field with his arm.   I also like those abilities of Rex however, i feel his most desirable ability is his quick release.   He reminds me of Drew Brees when he passes those quick slants.

The redskins need to atleast give Rex one more year in a burgandy and gold uniform before they let him go.   If they are planning on picking up a Quartback in the 2011 draft than they could use Rex to teach the rookie the new system.   If Rex begins to struggle than maybe we could put in the rookie and give him a chance to take control of the team.

The draft is getting closer and closer with each passing day.   And in about a month the redskins will have the number ten draft pick.   After this we will know what player we have selected.   If the redskins do draft a Quarterback then the above plan would make perfect sense.   And if the redskins draft someone like Cam Newton i believe he will be ready to get on the playing field sooner than we thought.

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The real question here is should Cam Newton play for the Washington Redskins next season. Given his past I don’t feel that the Redskins should add him to the roster.

However, I do know that the kid is talented. After taking Binn College in Texas to a national championship, he turns around and takes Auburn to a National Championship. One has to ask if he can be stopped. The NFL is going to be a huge jump for him but with his current resume I have a hard time saying he isn’t going to be a great NFL player. He has all the physical attributes that a good Quarterback in the NFL needs. He is large in stature and has incredible speed. The only down side to his physical attributes is his throwing arm. Some NFL coaches believe he doesn’t have the accuracy that an NFL player must possess. I agree with them. He struggled at the NFL combine in accuracy and at times he seemed frustrated with himself. A quality we have yet to see from Cam.

Despite all the negative things about his accuracy that have been said I have to look at all the good things because there are so many. The greatest attribute Cam possesses is the ability to win at any measure. He brings swagger to a team. He brings hope and belief to a team. That is something I believe the Redskins desperately need right now.

After the 2009 NFL season the Redskins had a record of 4-12. After many changes within the organization fans were supposed to buy into a changed culture. However, what fans were handed with was a week to week struggle. The Redskins finished the 2010 NFL season with a record of 6-10. There was little improvement from last year but not enough to make anyone believe that big things are ahead for the Redskins.

If Cam Newton came to Washington I believe he will be a great football player. He has what it takes to win. He understands that over every aspect of the game the most important one is winning. This attribute seems to have been lost here in Washington. Redskin’s players seem to want to pine over all the mistakes that have been made.

Another important thing that must not be overlooked is the position. Cam Newton is a quarterback. The Redskins just so happen to need a quarterback after chewing up Donovan McNabb and spitting him out. After seeing what Rex Grossman can still do I believe we should allow him to start the season and teach Cam the offense? If Rex starts to fall short of expectations than we can make a switch and see what Cam has.

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