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The super bowl is almost here.

In just four days all of America will be focused on a single football game. The match-up is set. The Pittsburgh Steelers will take on the Green Bay Packers in Cowboys stadium.

I can’t decide what i am happier about, the fact that the Green Bay Packers are in the super bowl or that the Dallas Cowboys did not get to play in a super bowl at their stadium. As a Redskins fan this pleases me.

Another thing that pleases me is that the Packers made it to the super bowl. If they do win the big game then at least i can say that the Redskins beat the Packers in overtime and i got to see that game live.

Now, to the match-up.

My prediction is that the Packers will WIN.

The first key match-up for this game is the Packers defensive line versus Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben already has two super bowl wins under his belt and knows how to perform in the big game. This is important because the Packers only have one member on their defense that has been to a super bowl. However, i believe if the unexperienced Packers defense can get pressure on him they may be able to force him to throw the ball before he wants to and this may cause a turnover. The Packers defense must not be fooled by Ben’s famous move the pump fake. He can get a whole defensive line to slow down simply with this move. If the Packers defense do not fall for this and keep coming at him they may be able to get a good amount of sacks.

The main defensive player for the Packers that i will be watching is going to be Clay Matthews. He sets the tone for the D-line and his intensity may make Ben a little uncomfortable. If you give Ben time in the pocket he will find an open receiver for a big gain. I say this because Ben’s release isn’t as fast as Aaron Rodgers.

This brings me to my next match-up. Aaron Rodgers versus the Steeler’s linebackers and safeties.

Troy Polamalu has just been named the leagues Defensive Player of the year. He has been making quarterbacks uncomfortable the whole season. Like i talked about earlier Aaron Rodgers quick release will allow him to pick at the Steeler’s linebackers and safeties for small gains. However, all these small gains will give the Packer’s first downs and move them down the field. The Steeler’s defense is going to find it very hard to get the Packer’s offense off the field.

Another player i feel that is going to make a big difference in this game will be Greg Jennings. He has come up very big for the Packer’s throughout the playoffs with his many quick slant catches across the middle.

Another great match-up in this game deals with the two running backs. James Starks and Rashard Mendenhall. Logically Mendenhall would be the better runningback here but you never know what your going to get with Starks. The Steelers will more than likely try to establish a strong run game at first to open up the throwing lanes. But if the Packers can stop them they will never be able to get into a rythmn and will probably force a couple plays that the Packers may take advantage of.

On the other hand, the Packers will probably try to start the game with many short pass gains and maybe a couple long attempts. Then when the time is right they will unleash Starks. If Starks runs for good yardage then the Steelers won’t stand a chance because when they least expect it they will then give up a big play that could ultimately change the face of the game.

In the end, my Super Bowl MVP prediction is Aaron Rodgers 28-35, 290 yards passing, 3 TD’s.

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